Create Membership Sites

with the plugin for Wordpress that integrates

Content Access Control and Subscription Management

Suma is a plugin that’s purpose-built for Wordpress and is designed specifically to run membership-based sites. It provides the three functions necessary for a Membership site.

  • Content Access Control. Suma manages which visitors and members may view which Posts and Pages according to the privacy settings you specify.
  • User Registration. Suma guides new Users through a multi-step registration process hosted within your Wordpress-powered site coordinating registration activities like setting up a Wordpress user account and starting the subscription they’ve chosen.
  • Subscription Management. Suma enforces the terms of subscription plans you define and automatically revokes access privileges of user accounts who’s subscriptions have expired or who’s payments are late. Suma even handles the accounting involved when a user decides to upgrade their subscription plan.

Suma offers many features you expect to see in a quality Membership site.  Here are some of them:

  • Registration Process is hosted within your site. Usability tests show that visitor conversion rates (i.e. the rate at which visitors become subscribers) are improved when a visitor stays on a site to complete their registration compared to when they are taken to a different site or differently themed page. Suma allows your users to register at your site and within your site’s theme.
  • Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex and PayPal accepted. Many users online are reluctant to share their credit card information with a website or business they don’t know. For these users, Suma provides the PayPal Hosted checkout method so they can subscribe using their PayPal account. Then there are those users who do not have and do not want a PayPal account. For them, Suma offers the regular credit card payment method via the Onsite Payment module. Thus Suma allows your site to accommodate both types of users making it easy for everyone to subscribe.
  • Customizable Look. Suma’s dynamic forms presented to visitors and users are styled using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). This enables you to alter the fonts, colors, sizes and other attributes of the forms to better suit your site’s theme. Thus Suma’s appearance in your site can be customized to your design.  Plus, Suma’s registration forms can be customized so you can collect site-specific information from your users when they register.
  • Flexible Subscription Plans. Suma allows you to create many different types of Subscription Plans. Subscription Plans can be for a fixed, limited period (e.g. 12 months) or indefinitely. Subscription Plans can be based on cycle lengths of days, weeks, months or years, and of any frequency (e.g. every 3 months). There can be introductory periods where the subscription fee is reduced for a certain number of cycles or even eliminated resulting in a free trial period. This flexibility allows you to offer a choice to your subscribers so they may choose a plan that suits them.  You can also define Guest Subscription Plans which don’t require any payment at all from  your users.
  • Promotional Codes.  Restrict access to Subscription Plans by giving them promotional codes.  Then only users with the code can subscribe to that plan, allowing you to create special plans not generally available to the public.
  • Content Classes for even greater Access Control. Suma allows you to define an unlimited number of content classes which can be used for more selective access control to the content. You could, for example, create classes which hold different degrees of the sites content and then associate these classes with different Subscription Plans, so as to create Gold-level, Silver-level and Bronze-level access subscriptions for instance.

Other membership systems exist for building Membership sites, but few include all these features:

  • Tight Wordpress Integration. Suma is designed specifically as a Wordpress plugin and thus extends Wordpress’ existing functionality in ways that are natural to your visitors.  This also makes its integration much better than other solutions.
  • Responsive Technical Support. Suma is actively supported and updates readily available. Suma’s feature set is also being added to steadily as we receive suggestions from our user base and as Wordpress itself evolves.
  • Perpetual License. Production licenses purchased for Suma never expire.
  • No limit to the number of users. The number of subscribers your site may register and number of subscription plans you may offer is unlimited.

Free Trial Version

Explore all of Suma’s features in Test Mode for as long as you need to.  Features activated in Test mode do not require a license.  Then when you’re ready to take your site live just purchase the licenses for the features you need from the Suma shop and activate them within Suma that you’ve already installed. Instantly you’ll have Suma operating in Production mode.

Production Licenses

The production license enables Suma to operate in live (non-test) mode. When you purchase a production license you get a perpetual license - it never expires. It will allow you to run Suma in one Wordpress installation. The license can be moved (without cost) at anytime to a different host, IP address, or even Wordpress site which is helpful if you change hosting providers for example. In addition, the license grants you free access to all Suma updates and patches.

Included with the Production license is 1 month of Technical Support. Support is via our Help Desk and initial responses (not just acknowledgments) are guaranteed within 24 hours, 7-days a week .